Why my credit card cannot be verified and fail to pay my order?

Please ensure that your credit card can be used for international online transactions. This is the most common cause of bank declines, particularly for US-based buyers.

If your credit card company put a block on your card thinking it was fraud do to never ordering off the website before, Please call and talk to them so that they get it lifted.

Additionally, all characters should be in plain text and not contain accent or other special characters.

Once you have validated with your bank that your credit card can be used in this manner, you may wish to clear your cache and cookies, restart your browser, and reattempt entry of the order. Alternatively, your may try to place the order through another browser.


When will my tracking info be updated?

The tracking info will be updated in 2-4 workdays after the logistics provider shipped.


Why does my tracking info stop?

Your package is in strict custom inspect and the tracking info cannot be updated onto website. Please don't worry. It will be updated after the package finish it. Contact us.

Other reason such as below:

Heavy purchase season